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Client Info

*We are excited to have you on our team!

*We offer open and honest communication with you about

  your finances and budget.

*A spreadsheet designed just for your plan and finances available 

 for you to view during our budgeting meetings.

*We have a respectful courteous staff available to listen and assist you.

*Face to face budget meetings to review and plan for your           financial goals and needs.

*Assistance in connecting you with other agencies to meet your needs.

*Bills paid on time and assist you in having funds for the entire month.

*Help you avoid costly late fees and overdraft charges.

*Confidentiality is a must and we guarantee your privacy and         ensure your individual rights will be respected.

*Apply for cooling and heating assistance to help with costly electric bills.

*Because we are a team, we are able to purchase furniture, televisions etc. at cheaper more affordable prices, allowing you the opportunity to NEVER have to deal with pawn shops, rental companies and payday loan companies.

Keep in mind:  When you fail to plan, you plan to fail

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